Spy Pens – Methods for Finding the Best Cheap Spy Pen Recorder

Spy camera pen being used to write.

Spy Pen

Before you buy a spy pen, it’s very important you know what to look for to get the most bang for your buck. I’ve been purchasing spy pen recorders for many years and have a few tips I’d like to share with you.

Tip 1: Get a HD spy pen recorder!

My number one tip is always to give you a HD spy pen. I bought a recorder a little while ago and didn’t take note of the camera resolution. It shot at a maximum resolution of 620×480. Although this didn’t seem like an issue at the time, when I visited view the video in my computer screen the video was super small. Once i enlarged the screen picture become very pixelated. I seriously regretted not getting a HD form of my pen.

Tip 2: Your recorder needs to look, feel and write like a pen.

My current spy pen recorder can pass for a traditional,every day pen. The look and feel of a real pen. Buying a pen recorder that is too large is a common mistake. You will want recorder that can pass like a traditional pen. If someone else picked your pen off your desk you want them to think this is a pen and not your secret recorder. Before purchasing a pen recorder, be sure you’ve seen lots of different pictures and angles from the pen. A size comparison picture is also good.

Tip 3: Taking pictures is a plus, however, not necessary.

Some pens flaunt high resolution picture taking ability. Avoid being fouled. Taking pictures can be useful, but I found that just setting your pen to record is the best way to get the shots that you want. If you follow Tip 1 and buying a HD spy pen, there should be no need to take pictures.

Tip 4: Caution…you receive what you pay for.

Should you not care about your video quality, obtain the cheapest spy pen you’ll find. If you plan on using your pen more than a few times, spend a little more money and get a nicer pen. The video quality will be better as well as the images will be sharper. Think it over. Have you ever bought a super cheap digital camera and wished you spent more because you were unhappy with the quality of pictures it produced? The same goes for pen recorders. Spending a few extra dollars using a reputable sources is really worth the price.

Spy Pens – Methods for Finding the Best Cheap Spy Pen Recorder